A new development has been announced that combines conscious travel with luxurious residences, three boutique hotels, one hostel and more in Xala, Mexico.

The development, located on the west coast of Mexico on over 1,000 hectares of land, is expected to open its doors in 2023 after it finishes its first phase, which costs $125 million. The goal is to create a community-oriented destination focused on agriculture, farming and sustainability. Locals will also have access to nearly five miles of beaches as well as two estuaries.

A natural beach in the Xala development. (photo via Xala)

Xala will restore and protect the local environment. It’s already reforesting nearly 250 hectares of land, with 500 hectares preserved as a protected area. It will also create programs to protect the region’s reptiles, turtles, ocelots and other endangered species.

Richard Gere and The Heart Supply founder Johnny Schillereff are partners in the venture along with developers Ricardo Santa Cruz and Jeronimo and Juan Bremer.

Trees growing in part of the Xala development. (photo via Xala)

“The opportunity to be part of Xala was something I knew I couldn’t miss. Xala will be a project that flourishes and sets a new benchmark from which sustainable, respectful and community-based developments should be based on. I’m excited to work with the team and the community to bring our shared vision of delivering the most exceptional levels of tourism and a truly sustainable neighbourhood to this incredibly special part of the world,” said Gere.

Xala is about two hours from Puerto Vallarta and five minutes from the future site of the Costalegre Airport.