Nestled along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Xala is a one-of-a-kind destination where nature, community, and tradition harmonize. For over 15 years, this coastal oasis has been realized through a mindful vision grounded in ecological principles and elevated living. Discover Xala, a nourishing way to travel and live. 


Honoring nature and culture through mindful development.

Our mission is to create a replicable model of regenerative development that restores the environment, includes the local communities, and offers a landscape for living well.

Steeped in culture and tradition, this vibrant community is home to 440 acres of mango fields, pristine beaches, five miles of turtle sanctuaries, and 590 acres of reforestation along 3,000 acres of land - all surrounded by two Ramsar estuaries.

Guided by nature, Xala's architecture and aesthetics remain loyal to the land and its people by focusing on low-density development to become a blueprint for the future of regenerative travel.

Our Mission


Our Values

Xala is a philosophy grounded in shared virtues.

At Xala, character defines purpose. Grounded in shared virtues, Xala is a philosophy that nurtures the soul and heals the land. These values are the beating heart of this endeavor.

CONSCIOUSNESS We are mindful of the world and our place in it. Xala is a positive story of regeneration – to be told and retold – of how mindful development can and should enrich all forms of life. Xala is the living story that inspires consciousness and cultivates a thriving community in harmony with nature.
Respect We honor the gifts nature bestowed on us and take responsibility for ensuring these ecosystems are protected, restored, and nourished. Each action contributes to the land’s restoration. We preserve the land’s legacy through our care and stewardship
GENEROSITY We embrace generosity from locals to visitors and visitors to locals. Here, the community is one – without divisions – where everyone enriches each other's lives. In this abundant life of mutual care and connection, the act of giving becomes its own reward, cultivating unity.
Creativity We foster creativity. The peace and beauty in all that surrounds Xala nourishes the soul and stimulates the senses. We cherish and celebrate this spirit, knowing that it cultivates artistic expression, ignites meaningful breakthroughs, and leads to innovative ideas. Xala’s tranquil setting clears the mind sparking creative inspiration.


Discover a coastal wonderland

Situated along five miles of Mexico's Pacific Coast in Costalegre, Jalisco, you’ll discover Xala, a true coastal sanctuary. Xala is located about 65 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, just north of Careyes, and 10 minutes away from the new Costalegre airport.

Surrounded by two estuaries, this beautiful destination boasts 440 acres of organic mango fields, creating a picturesque jungle setting overflowing with seven types of vegetation, all against the lush backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountain range and pristine beaches.




Step off your plane and breathe in the fresh sea air at the new international Costalegre airport, with no crowds. No freeways. Then, take in the abundant beauty on a scenic, ten-minute journey to Xala, where you will be welcomed to your coastal heaven.

The magical arrival experience quickly comes to life with fragrant mango fields, a vibrant landscape, and pristine ocean waters that unite in a way that can only be found at Xala.